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Top Ten Best Hiking Trails In Utah


Ask any person why the quality of life in Salt Lake is so darn great, and most of them will state the easy accessibility to outside experience. Whether it’s snowboarding, snowboarding, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, or climbing up, you can incorporate it right into your daily living. When it comes to hiking, there are a remarkable variety of routes that depart appropriate from the city and also its foothill-hugging benches. If you have a little bit more time, head to the Wasatch mountains range is a marvelous location to check out.

Neff’s Canyon

This dog-friendly canyon route is an outright gem, heading up right into capitals from a high end community on the eastern bench of the Salt Lake valley. It starts out as a service road in low-lying scrub brush however quickly gets altitude as the trail narrows to a dust course and also ascends to cooler heights. You’ll go across a beautiful stream and also peak in a field with an extremely towering feel. 

Mt. Olympus

Amongst the grandfathers of the tougher hikes in town, Mt. Olympus’ top towers 4,000 feet over the city. Its trail is steep as well as almost totally unshaded, making it a hard undertaking in the warmth of summertime. If you do not have the available time or fitness to undertake the whole thing, it’s still well worth discovering the lower section of the route. 

Bell’s Canyon

This gorgeous, granite-studded canyon ascends dramatically above the Wasatch Boulevard area in Sandy. Anticipate significant views at every turn as well as an attractive stream that parallels the path. Lots of people go just 2 miles from the trailhead to a fantastic waterfall partway up Bell’s Canyon. 

Bonneville Coastline Trail

Along period of time ago, Lake Bonneville filled the Salt Lake valley as well as much of the surrounding area. The old shoreline still has an indentation in the valley foothills, and it’s the baseline for a hundred-mile trail that hugs the hillside today. Moving from north to south, there are a long listing of trailheads where to jump on to the Bonneville trail. 

Majesty Peak

There are a couple of ways to access Splendour, a stately top in between Parley’s Canyon and also Millcreek Canyon that climbs 3,000 feet over the valley. The best way is to start at the north end of Wasatch Blvd, amble half a mile as much as the Bonneville Coastline trail, and keep pointing upward till you get to the summit a couple hours later. 

Ensign Peak

A historic place outside of the downtown and Capitol Hill area, Ensign Height is among the much easier hikes in Salt Lake distance-wise, although you’ll gain a few hundred feet as well as a solid recognition for the valley’s elegance. Numerous Salt Lakers use this trail for an easy lunch expedition, and it is kid-friendly as well.

Lake Blanche

Beginning with a trailhead halfway up Big Cottonwood Canyon, Lake Blanche is hands-down one of the most beautiful areas in the Wasatch Mountains. A durable 3 miles of uphill walking, the path winds its way up a side-canyon till it reaches an exquisite lake surrounded by remarkable views. 

Red Pine Lake

A tremendously unique place in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Red Pine lake is a towering wonderland. You access it using the same trailhead as White Pine lake, however the two forks divide a mile up. You’ll stick to the right-hand/westerly trail veering up Red Crave an additional two and a half miles. The setting up top is definitely magical. 

Grizzly Gulch

At the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, the temperature levels are considerably cooler than they remain in the valley. You really feel globes away, and also Grizzly Gulch is the ideal shortish walk to soak it all in. Park near completion of the paved Cottonwood Canyon Roadway, as well as function your means up the well-traveled Grizzly Gulch route for a number of miles. 

Lake Mary, Martha and Catherine

This brief, family-friendly route is a fantastic means to absorb the beauty of Brighton, Utah, on top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. You’ll park at the Brighton Ski Resort whole lot, find the signs for Lake Mary, and also function your way up a recognized dirt route. Two miles up, Lake Mary welcomes you, bordered by wildflowers as well as granite features in addition to a couple of regional moose. 

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