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Top 10 Pike Fishing Spots In Michigan


Provided its distance to several of the world’s biggest lakes as well as plenty of smaller sized inland lakes and rivers, it’s not a surprise that Michigan has nearly countless choices for fishing. Below are our picks for the best locations to fish for pike in Michigan. Reports from the Division of Natural Resources can advise you on most likely numbers and any issues.

Lake St Clair

Part of the Great Lakes system, Lake St Clair exists in between Lake Huron and Lake Erie, which are linked by means of the St Clair River as well as the Detroit River. This freshwater guarantees a healthy and balanced populace of game fish, and lake has long had a track record as a first-rate pike fishing location. Muskellunge, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, walleye, large network catfish, and largemouth bass are some of the other kinds of fish you may find.

Hubbard Lake

In northeast Michigan, Hubbard Lake is the state’s 12th largest lake and is always popular for fishing. Smallmouth bass, walleye, north pike, lake trout, whitefish, yellow perch, fools and gar can all be found in the lake, with walleye particularly bountiful according to a survey done in 2017. The exceptional clearness of the water attracts several anglers throughout the year, with ice fishing also prominent in winter.

Saginaw Bay

On the eastern side of the major peninsula, Saginaw Bay lies where Lake Huron juts right into landmass Michigan. It’s a large container that has actually turned into one of the country’s leading walleye fisheries, with national walleye tournaments held in the Bay. Together with the walleyes, yellow perch, smallmouth bass and also network catfish are additionally bountiful and also preferred catches in the location.

Lake Leelanau

Lake Leelanau is situated on the Leelanau Peninsula and consists of two bodies of water, normally described as North Lake Leelanau and South Lake Leelanau. Its 21 miles in size, and about 1.5 miles at its widest. In between the North and South, there is a huge populace of walleyes, perch, smallmouth, as well as northern pike. The lake has an all-natural recreation of walleye, with plenty to capture.

Union Lake

Union is just one of numerous lakes west of Pontiac in Oakland County, however in spite of just being the 10th biggest in the nation, it’s kept a reputation for great walleye angling thanks to a mix of equipping and all-natural reproduction. Angling at Union is preferred year-round, with ice fishing supplying a different difficulty in winter season.

Burt Lake

Located in northwest Michigan, Burt Lake is the state’s 4th biggest lake at 26 square miles. In spite of a great deal of fishing for many years, natural walleye reproduction is the primary source of replenishment as well as preserves the lake as a commendable fishery for small walleye. There’s likewise a populace of smallmouth bass, typical dimension pike, and deep water trout to be captured.

Other great spots for pike fishing in Michigan include:

  • Higgins Lake
  • Portage Lake
  • Lake Independence
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