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Simple Ways To Hike More Frequently


The biggest issue for both new and experienced hikers is not having enough time to hit the trails! The first thing is to make hiking a priority. If you think you do not have time for it because you first have to clean the house, wash dishes, run errands, etc, then you will never find time. Make it a priority as a way to clear your head or include it to your exercise routine to go hiking this week.

Think about your weekly schedule and identify something that you do weekly, or semi-regularly, that you could trade for hiking. Possibly you go out to lunch each and every single week after church, as soon as a month or two, you can go trekking as opposed to heading out to eat. Or once a month, you might establish a routine to get up before you start your day to go hiking, trading sleep for hiking. 

Divide your daily or regular to-do list right into must do and nice to do. Jobs under the first column are things that definitely need to get done to maintain you and your household alive and well. After those items are done, then go for a hike! Even if its only a few hours, you can squeeze in a break for a hike. 

Pair hiking with another task or duty. Often we can’t “validate” stopping everything and going for a walk, so if we pair it with another thing in a similar direction, then we are most likely to get out the door and go. Maybe something as basic as dropping in on your favorite cafe on the way to or from the trail. Or it could be totally sensible to also stop by the store en route to pick up a couple of things you require around your home.

Leave an entire week unplanned. This is great technique anyhow to clear your mind, refocus and explore a brand-new hiking trail. Again, even if you go trekking on your few free days a month, that’s an additional day of hiking that you squeezed in.

The objective is to show that you do not have to make crazy radical modifications in your lifestyle to go hiking more frequently. Simply make tiny choices here and there to carve out time for a hike. Those moments actually do add up and your mind and body will thank you for selecting to hang out, unplugged, in nature.

The author of The Nature Deal, figured out that we start enjoying the health and wellness advantages of being out in nature after only 5 hrs a month. You can most definitely find 5 additional hours in your month to go hiking and socialize outside. But, that being said, nature is very therapeutic, so while 5 hours is great, 10 hours is even better. Also keep in mind that you don’t need to drive several hours to get to the ultimate hiking trail. Find ways to hike closer to you so you can enjoy it that much more often.

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